Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis


The tibialis posterior tendon is a long tendon that comes down the inside of the leg and wraps around the back of the ankle bone terminating underneath the foot. It can become strained and inflamed. This is most commonly seen in those with excessively flat feet.

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  • 1Pain on the inside of the ankle
  • 2Pain increases when barefoot
  • 3Pain increase with activity

Let Me Treat Your Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis


Brad Carpenter, Pedorthist

Brad Carpenter is a Certfied Pedorthist of Canada with over 10 years of experience. Brad started his career in British Columbia, where he completed his Pedorthic apprenticeship and became fully certified in 2004. After working as a Certified Pedorthist for a number of years he was promoted to a Mentor position in the Pedorthic apprenticeship program. Brad has since moved back to Ontario and has continued his Pedorthic carreer with the Burlington Foot Clinic, where he is the Team Lead and Clinical Pedorthist.