Arthritis can be of different origins but presents it self as damage to the cartilage and articulating surfaces of joints. There are many joints in the foot and ankle and all can be susceptible to arthritis. Rigid footwear and the use of proper orthotics or braces to help immobilize the joints can reduce symptoms related to arthritis.

Arthritis doesn’t have to be a dibilating disease. Let us help you maintain an active lifestyle! – Healthy Feet Staff


  • 1Stiffness and pain in joints
  • 2Swelling of joints
  • 3Decrease mobility in joints

Let Me Treat Your Arthritis


Thomas Hewak, Chiropodist

Thomas Hewak is a registered Chiropodist with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario. He is a specialist with diabetic foot care as well treating patients with orthotics. Tom practices out of our Hamilton, Dundas and Burlington clinics. Tom is very out going and has a love for travel and restoring cars.